Reb Yosil started his Rabbinical career in 1972 after marrying Kathy Hartstein and graduating from Yeshivat Torat Yisrael in Jerusalem, Israel. They then moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and served as the executive director of the Canadian Zionist Federation. During which time he also served two synagogues on a part-time basis. 1978 they returned to live in Israel for the next 10 years.

While in Israel the second time, he worked for the Gesher organization and co-founded Livnot U’Lihibanot, a work study program in Tzfat, with his good friend Aaron Botzer.

Yosil owned and operated Yosil’s Deli the first American deli in Israel. Yosil moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1989 where he became the Rabbi of Congregation Sha’ar Hashomayim.

In 1996 Yosil’s wife had an idea for Yosil to start writing Vorts and sending them out to his friends, congregation and students. This was perfect timing with moving to a new congregation. Yosil continued to write roughly 400 weekly Vorts while continuing his Rabbinical career at various synagogues in North America.

While being a pulpit Rabbi, Yosil is also a song writer and performer. All of his inspiration comes from prayer and from the Torah. Yosil has written original music for weddings and other events for people that he loves. Because he has always performed as a solo act and other musical groups have performed his music, many Jewish music officianados don’t even know they are singing Yosil’s music. He has performed for the past 40+ years and continues with his new band Yosil and The Kosher Gravy Co, with a new CD to debut this Fall.

Reb Yosil, is an excellent speaker. He has traveled around the world and spoken and taught on numerous subjects, including but not limited to weekly Torah portions, Israeli and Jewish life in North America, interfaith and Christian relations, and many other topics.

Today over 2,500 people read Vortifty Yorself on a weekly basis. Reb Yosil has moved on from being a pulpit Rabbi and is focusing his future on publishing books, speaking and music

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